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After Dark December Group Show 2011

Wow, what a show. Thank you to so many of our artists who submitted great work to After Dark. It is always fascinating to see how artists intepret the same words so differently. However, all their voices have come together very well to create a cohesive and impressive show. Rattlesnakes, moon levitation, sunsets, party shoes, fireflies, mischief... Happy Holidays!

Work by Karen Neyland, Jan Heaton and Angie Renfro
Work by Anne Siems and WIlliam B. Montgomery
Work by Angie Renfro
Work by Sara Scribner and Fatima Ronquillo
Work by Stephanie Strange, Jennifer Prichard and Holly Wilson
Work by Rodolfo Buonocore and Leslie Sealey
Work by Ali Cavanaugh and Karen Neyland
We are excited to announce that Jennifer Prichard has joined the gallery!
Work by Dayna Thacker
Work by Sarah Ferguson and Dayna Thacker
A young fan meeting Sarah Ferguson!
A young fan discussing Sarah Ferguson's work
Work by Tracey Harris
Relaxing by the work of Holly Wilson

posted on 12/15/2011