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Will Klemm Show January 2012

Happy New Year! We can't believe it's 2012 already. And neither can Will Klemm. Will has been showing his work with us for 2 decades now. Hard to believe this nationally reknown artist began his career in our little building. This show takes us through his early, expressionist works to his soft, luminous pastels and culminates with his latest work in oil. Yes, the man has moved on from pastel and is going to focus his career on oil. A pastelist for 20 years, he has decided to challenge himself in this medium and learn something new. We commend him for his courage! So, check out these pastels while they're still around and get excited about watching his oil work develop over the next 20 years.

Will's work in oil.
Will, don't touch the artwork!
Will Klemm and fans.
Clients excited about Will's work.
Will Klemm and friends.
Will Klemm and fans.
Thank you Cafe Josie!
Work by Malcolm Bucknall
Work by Malcolm Bucknall and Holly Wilson
Work by Linda Sheets and Jennifer Prichard
Work by Carol Dawson and Michelle Mayer
Works by Fatima Ronquillo
Works by Stanford Kay and Joyce Howell
Work by America Martin
Work by Jennifer Balkan
Work by Sara Scriber, Ali Cavanaugh and Eliza Thomas
Work by Jennifer Balkan and Helmut Barnett
Work by Stanford Kay
Bronze works by Holly Wilson
Work by Anne Ashley
Detail of "Mother" by Holly Wilson, bronze
Work by Honora Jacob
Work by Michelle Mayer and Eliza Thomas
Work by Jennifer Balkan
Work by Sarah Ferguson
Work by Angie Renfro, Dayna Thacker and MIchelle Mayer
Work by Michelle Mayer
Work by Janel Jefferson

posted on 1/11/2012