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Juan Luis Jardi: Tiempo Sostenido
February 3-25, 2024

A mix of magic realism with certain influences of Pop Art and surrealism, Jardi's figures and themes illustrate the contrast in our lives and the doubts we are faced with as humans. He strives for his work to provoke feelings: nostalgia, melancholy, loneliness and a sense of uneasiness as well as feelings of euphoria and calm. Jardi's paintings offer a vintage perspective much like a trip into the past.

Jardi's art is permeated by a sense of nostalgia, rendered beautifully, realistically, and sometimes with elements of surrealism. Jardí lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. 

preview show

Ian Shults: Common Drugs and the Fantasies They Produce
March 2-31, 2024

Opening reception on Saturday, March 2 from 5 to 7pm

Taunting societal taboos with bold brushstrokes and sly editing skills, Shults’ figurative paintings are lusciously cinematic. Each piece is broken up by planes and layers of paint, causing an asymmetry that serves to break up the painting's space as well as the layers of time captured. Shults’ paintings recall a bygone era when the sheen of the American Dream dulled; his focus, the dynamic between the patriarchy and feminism. This show, filled with lust, loss and libations, conveys a sense of unabashed mischief.

Jen Garrido: Shapes That Listen
April 6-28, 2024

Each of Garrido’s compositions has an internal gravity that develops as she works. She draws out forms that tangle, touch, and overlap; that sit, lean and lay. She pays attention to shapes that climb or melt, slither or are filled with air; shaping ridges, platforms, grooves, and soft spaces woven through the layers. No composition is planned. Each choice is influenced by the ones that came before, working shape by shape, layer by layer. The power of color and her intuitive use of shape combine to form emotive vessels that communicate an ever-changing internal and external growth- to which we all can relate.

Priscilla Robinson: Solo Show
May 4-26, 2024