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Diana Greenberg: Songs
June 1-23, 2024

Of Cuban heritage, Greenberg's color use is heavily influenced by architectural images from Havana Vieja. She is struck by their juxtaposition of color; and specifically the boldness of the color families within one building, or a series of neighboring buildings. In her more monochromatic works, Greenberg explores the feeling that subtle changes in color and light create. Natural forms, Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana), kimono embroidery and the work of Uemura Shoen are also inspirations for the artist.

preview show

Patrick Puckett: Western Civ.
June 29-July 28, 2024

Opening reception on Saturday, June 29 from 6 to 8pm

We open our 11th solo show with figurative painter Patrick Puckett Saturday, June 29th. His paintings are known for their bold colors and languid figures, executed with confident interaction between paint application, shape, color and texture. The works on paper emit intimacy, with more subtle features and evidence of the artist’s hand through drawn elements. The works on canvas command space, strength and attention through scale, assertive brush strokes and color choice. All of the figures in Puckett’s paintings are unapologetically sure of themselves, just like the technique he employs.

Stephanie Strange + Joseph Janson
August 3-September 1, 2024

Opening reception on Saturday, August 3 from 6 to 8pm

Julia Lucey: Solo Show
September 7-29, 2024