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Mia Carameros & Holly Wilson Group Show | Shadows
October 6-27, 2018

Carameros and Wilson’s work incorporates the idea of the shadow both literally and figuratively. Carameros creates her botanical pieces from the shadows of found foliage that she presses and preserves. These ‘shadows’ echo the complexities and beauty found in creation. Wilson’s sculptures also appear as silhouettes, each part of a narrative that cast their own shadows. These shadows are a metaphor for the secrets unspoken, sometimes benign and sometimes nefarious.

Take a virtual tour of the show here.

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Gordon Fowler Nothing Out There But Texas
October 27-November 17, 2018

Opening reception on Saturday, October 27 from 6 to 8pm

Fowler has long been respected for his impressionist landscapes of Texas and Mexico. For this show in our upstairs galleries, he has created a selection of plein air watercolors representing the Hill Country surrounding Austin. Fowler’s deft watercolor marks capture the wild beauty of the landscape as well as the dramatic shifts in our Texas weather.

Nola Parker 20 Landscapes
November 3-24, 2018

Opening reception on Saturday, November 3 from 6 to 8pm

Artist Talk Thursday, November 1st at 6pm

Born and raised in Vermont, Parker feels most at home in the outdoors. Her connection and love of the natural world inspires much of her work. Her current paintings explore the junction between civilization and wilderness and the interplay of man-made structures with their enduring natural environments. She works to communicate the variety of nature in shape, color, texture, and attitude, and to capture the energy that is not visible at first but can be found in all things, if observed carefully. This show includes gouache works depicting scenes from Texas as well as Vermont.

Priscilla Robinson Water & Fire
December 1-22, 2018

Opening reception on Saturday, December 1 from 6 to 8pm

Artist Talk Thursday, November 29th at 6pm

Robinson works with water and fiber to create handmade paper and fire and sand to make glass. These elements also inspire the shapes and compositions within her work. In this way, the work is not only about nature, it is nature. She uses yucca, flax, abaca, kozo and gampi. With the abundant loss of the organic in our modern urban environments, Robinson's work softens and warms our angled surroundings.