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Helmut Barnett: Variations
September 4-26, 2021

Starting in a loft studio on what was in 1975 a quiet Congress Avenue and now working in a 100 year old house on the east side, Barnett has been a part of the evolving Austin art community for over 45 years. This upcoming show exemplifies the range of Barnett's talent, featuring geometric and organic forms on large canvases as well as large scale collages incorporating found material.

Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1946, Barnett moved to Abilene, Kansas in 1957. After finishing high school in Chicago and four years service in the Air Force, he moved to Austin, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1974.

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Priscilla Robinson: A Piece of the Sky
October 2-31, 2021

Robinson's work explores visual interpretations of seasons, growth and the rebirth of plants and light. She combines acrylic paint and handmade paper made from many different kinds of plants, creating pieces that exists between the worlds of sculpture and painting. Materials, texture, translucency and color are important elements in her thinking and the repetition of form in nature repeats itself throughout the exhibition. 

America Martin: Under the Sky
November 6-28, 2021

America Martin is a Colombian-American fine artist based in Los Angeles and a rising star in the contemporary art world whose works have been shown in museum and solo and group exhibitions nationwide. America describes herself as a painting anthropologist, working primarily with paint on canvas and paper to explore the human experience – and the human form. Taking inspiration from Mid-Century Modernist masters, America’s distinctive style is underscored by the use of boldly brushed lines and punctuated bursts of color to imply tone and mood.