Sarah Ferguson: Cynosures

Sarah Ferguson: Cynosures . September 7-29, 2019

A cynosure is something that aids in direction or guidance, demanding attention by its brilliance. As a body of work, CYNOSURES aims to create a vibrant, immersive and stimulating experience for the viewer. It's an invitation to explore the human condition through meditation, introspection, revelation and self-discovery. Inherent when viewing each painting is a contemplative, pulsating sense of navigating inward, an intentional effect derived from rigorous personal observation from within and of surrounding environments. Focus easily transitions toward a central beacon of light and a hypnotic shift follows. As a result, what once seemed an unyeilding sense of chaos becomes sculpted into a codified geometric harmony, ushering the viewer into a deeper, more insightful and ultimately, healed space.

Sarah Ferguson is an Austin-based artist who has experimented with the trifecta of light, color and perception for two decades. An admirer of the Light and Space art movement, Minimalism, Hard-edge painting and Geometric abstraction, she aims to evoke introspection through her paintings. Her work has been commissioned by both private collectors and corporations.

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