Ellen Heck | Cornucopia

In this series, vases and vessels are modeled from math forms that deal with infinity, chaos, and origin. These jewel-toned, semi-surreal oil paintings contain layers of figuration under grand impasto still lifes, exploring visual metaphor and its role in revealing meaning through substitution....   view video »

posted on 11/9/2022


Carol Dawson | Monochromes | Oct 8-30

Dawson draws inspiration from the natural world, exploring the life cycles of flowers from their buds, infancies, blooms, and deaths. Only allowing herself to use at most three pigments in her works, she is intrigued with the idea of growth through restriction. This theme is also inherent in her use...   view video »

posted on 10/13/2022


Joyce Howell 2022 Solo Show

Howell’s palette is informed by nature and its flux between calm and chaos. She describes it as an ongoing conversation. Each color and mark applied to the canvas informs the next; colors give the impression of physical weight and become instruments, much as in a musical composition. As the ...   view video »

posted on 9/12/2022


Julie Maren: Spacious

Maren expands upon her use of negative space for this show, exploring boundaries and ideas of infinity. She is interested in the space in between, where transitions happen and where light comes through. In her installation series, Biophilia, each piece feels caught in a moment of almost cosmic motio...   view video »

posted on 8/9/2022


Anne Siems: Inked

An intimate series, Siems' exposed female figures are marked with tattoos of fables, myths and poems. Their body positions and baldness express a vulnerability not of victimhood but of strength and courage. Siems has digested the isolation, trauma and unpredictability of recent years and transformed...   view video »

posted on 7/11/2022


Jen Garrido Solo Show 2022

The power of color is Garrido’s central focus for this body of work. Her shapes form emotive vessels of pigment built upon one another, filled with love, sadness, passion, exhaustion, grief, joy and even magic. Representative of the human emotional state, Garrido’s works communicate an e...   view video »

posted on 6/9/2022


Patrick Puckett | Daydreamers

Puckett's paintings are known for their bold colors and languid figures, executed with confident interaction between paint application, shape, color and texture. In this new body of work, the artist plays with patterns to push and pull on the picture plane particularly in the foliage, the interior a...   view video »

posted on 5/10/2022

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