Malcolm Bucknall | The Other Thing Is

Bucknall’s absurdist surrealism muddles Old Masters with tid-bits of cartoons, films, home photography and many other fascinations to create his anthropomorphic creatures. Bucknall feels that our observation of animals, as with art, is from the outside. In them we see predator devour prey, lovers join with unembarrassed abandon; we see birth, nurturing, the feathering of nests, death—all at a remove from ourselves yet mirroring our own deepest libidinous instincts, hopes and fears. H...   view video »

posted on 11/7/2023


Sarah Ferguson | Continuum

The show will embark on an artistic journey delving into the profound connection between life, death, and the mysteries beyond. Through a harmonious interplay of finespun colors, shifting planes, and symbolic use of gold, the intention is to inspire viewers to delve into the enigmatic realms of exis...   view video »

posted on 10/12/2023


Helmut Barnett | Revelations

Starting in a loft studio on what was in 1975 a quiet Congress Avenue and now working in a 100 year old house on the east side, Barnett has been a part of the evolving Austin art community for over 45 years. This upcoming show exemplifies the range of Barnett's talent, featuring geometric and organi...   view video »

posted on 9/12/2023


Realism Group Show 2023

Come enjoy this great show including the work of James Andrew Smith, Tracey Harris, Sara Scriber, and Shane Scribner. Working in oil paint and rich colors, each of these artists fully sees- be it a row of books, flowers, or the figure. Their attention to detail and precise techniques result in awe-i...   view video »

posted on 8/7/2023


Joyce Howell 2023

Howell’s palette is informed by nature and its flux between calm and chaos. She describes it as an ongoing conversation. Each color and mark applied to the canvas informs the next; colors give the impression of physical weight and become instruments, much as in a musical composition. As the wo...   view video »

posted on 7/10/2023


Patrick Puckett | Mythos

Puckett's paintings are known for their bold colors and languid figures, executed with confident interaction between paint application, shape, color and texture. The works on paper emit intimacy, with more subtle features and evidence of the artist’s hand through drawn elements. The works on c...   view video »

posted on 6/7/2023


Mary Case | Seeking Solace

Case’s work interprets organic forms with subtlety and spontaneity. She sees the natural world as being the ultimate architect- the authority on design- from the chaotic lines of brambles in the forest to the undulating forms of rivers and wetlands, encouraging micro and macro observations tha...   view video »

posted on 5/9/2023

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