Joyce Howell Virtual Tour

This show from Joyce Howell is full of color and movement. The work has a stronger focus on mark-making than in the past as well as includes oil on paper. Howell's paintings have a depth only truly appreciated in person....   read full post »

posted on 8/7/2018


Diana Greenberg Virtual Tour

Another stellar show from Diana Greenberg: bright colors reminiscent of Texas summer sunsets against gray to white ombre backgrounds with high energy mark-making. A close look reveals Cy Twombly and Joan Mitchell inspired strokes. ...   read full post »

posted on 7/11/2018


Jen Garrido Solo Show - Virtual Tour

Garrido's color field series feels weighted on the walls while her botanical series seem to dance from one piece to the other. It is interesting to see both ways of working within the same show, one feels studied and deliberate while the other instinctual and free. Each series is striking at a dista...   read full post »

posted on 6/11/2018


America Martin Virtual Tour

America Martin has fallen in love with hand-dyed linen and her use of it in place of canvas has changed the way she approaches negative space. Leaving much of the linen exposed, its texture becomes a part of the figure. Each linen makes your skin tingle in different ways. She even created her first ...   read full post »

posted on 5/15/2018


John Peralta in his Studio

Enjoy this look into how John creates his pieces. Video by David De Gendt....   view video »

posted on 5/1/2018


America Martin in Her Studio 2018

Enjoy America at work on a monumental piece in her studio....   view video »

posted on 4/24/2018


Will Klemm Virtual Tour

Klemm's current show plays with the concept of horizon. Hazy skies and shadowed mountains populate the space just after wild seas and tree dotted plains, drawing our attention to the place where the shift between the two takes place. As always, the works are infused with a soft light that seems to g...   read full post »

posted on 4/10/2018

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