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Carol Dawson: The Great Piece of Turf May 2013

These are watercolor??? Yep. Intricate, immaculate, impressive watercolors. Carol Dawson has created dense worlds of plant, leaf, soil, tree and flower. These pieces draw you in and then seem to envelope your presence. She captures the life, decay and beauty of our natural world. The skill with which these are completed strikes awe. You can't help the desire to look as closely as possible at these pieces, and then back away, and then stop close again.

Carol Dawson and fans
Carol Dawson and her husband
Work by Eliza Thomas
Work by Eliza Thomas
Work by John Peralta
Work by John Peralta
Work by Malcolm Bucknall
Work by Ellen Heck and Joyce Howell
Work by John Peralta
Work by Brian Lee
Work by Will Klemm and Jennye Stubblefield
Work by Angie Renfro, Angela Fife and Honora Jacob
Work by Janel Jefferson and Ian Shults
Work by Saliha Staib and America Martin
Work by America Martin, Katina Huston, Joyce Howell and Karen Neyland
Work by Anne Ashley
Work by Sarah Ferguson and Ali Cavanaugh

posted on 5/8/2013