Ellen Heck: Virtual Tour

Ellen Heck is incredibly proficient at the macro and the micro. This show includes large abstracts, intimate drypoint portraits, an artist book and a card game- all swirling around the theme of identity and connections. Her work deals with how we relate to others as well as ourselves, with a subtlet...   read full post »

posted on 11/18/2014


Elizabeth Chapin: Virtual Tour

Wow. What an opening. On low pedestals below 5 paintings, Chapin created food and drink installations. The hundreds of people attending the opening had to bend down to grab a deviled egg or a macaroon, causing the scene to appear as if the guests were bowing to the life size portraits. In the same v...   read full post »

posted on 10/6/2014


Tracey Harris: Virtual Tour

Sly grins were abound at the opening. Tracey's work hits you with it's humor and skill. Her incredible hyper-realism and wit leave us wide-eyed and smiling. She infuses gender roles and social norms with a critical but positive energy, challenging the blase....   read full post »

posted on 9/11/2014


Anne Siems | Flora and Fauna | Virtual Tour

Anne Siems' pieces evoke a sense of old world fairy tales with a slightly dark twist. Which makes sense, she is German born and finds inspiration in Early American Folk Art. This combination gives an other worldly air that sparks the imagination. Romantic and curious, colonial and rural, figurative ...   read full post »

posted on 8/10/2014


Sara and Shane Scribner: Virtual Tour

What a great show! This married duo produced flawless work. Every person who walks through the door is amazed at their talent for capturing emotion through a realism that will take your breath away. Sara's work plays with an almost dark whimsical narrative while Shane's quiet, pensive paintings are ...   read full post »

posted on 7/19/2014


P. A. Jones | Virtual Tour

PA Jones captures the rich color in our Texas seasons. Our big skies and endless views. The pieces in this 2014 show focus on the light and shadow created at different times of the year and in different parts of the State. It's a show that stirs an inner yearning to be out in nature....   read full post »

posted on 6/10/2014


Andy Dixon Virtual Tour

Andy Dixon's work bounces off the walls with his use of color and line. His seemingly crude marks contrast with images of leisure and luxury. His ability to make something beautiful beautiful in a different way is mesmerizing. Andy's is a talent that calls for a lifetime of discovery and not one to ...   read full post »

posted on 5/7/2014

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