America Martin | Virtual Tour

Large and impressive still lives from America make their debut in this show alongside her signature figurative works. Her sense of form as well as her confident gesture are incredibly successful on this scale. The pieces feel solid and timeless at the same time as free and contemporary. As always, s...   read full post »

posted on 8/6/2016


Diana Greenberg / Solo Show / Virtual Tour

Wow. What a response! Thanks to everyone for the great turnout. Diana's abstracts are calm and energetic, contemporary and timeless, fun and sophisticated. The layers upon layers of paint and other media show glimpses of a colorful world hinted at by their titles. This is definitely a show to see in...   read full post »

posted on 7/11/2016


Sarah Ferguson + James Andrew Smith: Virtual Tour

This show pairs two seemingly different artists and reveals a similarity in color study and technique. One compliments the other. Sarah's works emphasizes the color theory at work in James' pieces, and James' work emphasizes the steady hand of near perfection in Sarah's work. It's a surprising match...   read full post »

posted on 6/8/2016


Patrick Puckett: Southern Geographic Virtual Tour

Puckett's show is filled with large, lush paintings that play with duality. His work explores how light and dark, positive and negative, high and low can exist in the same space. It's the same push and pull that his technique exhibits, layers and layers of paint fighting to find a resting place. The...   read full post »

posted on 5/8/2016


Joyce Howell :: Virtual Tour 2016

Another knockout show from Joyce Howell. From soft and soothing to high energy, the tempo of this show is just right. On Thursday night, Joyce treated a crowd of about 30 to an excellent artist talk, describing her journey as an artist and the struggles of letting go of the image and finding her voi...   read full post »

posted on 4/2/2016


Becky Joye: Hunting for Mysteries Virtual Tour

Playful, whimsical creations fill this show. Joye's pieces hint at human activity through architecture and machinery however no figures can be found. This combined with her whimsical treatment of surrounding objects creates a world that seems to exist slightly outside our own, one that alludes to a ...   read full post »

posted on 3/9/2016


Honora Jacob: Contemporary Histories

The history behind each of these figures is fascinating. At her artist talk, Honora described the accomplishments, scandals and fate of each. We enjoyed it so much that in the gallery we have posted a brief summary next to each piece. We highly encourage you to come see this show in person, get draw...   read full post »

posted on 2/6/2016

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