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Patrick Puckett: Solo Show July 2013

The gallery is filled, and I mean filled, with Patrick's larger-than-life, vibrant, figurative canvases that ebb hot Southern summers. Painted from memory, these pieces evoke endless summer days and the bright, hot sunlight that defines them. Appropriately opening the weekend after the 4th of July, one becomes aware of how American these seemingly simple paintings come across. Memories of childhood and the ability to spend an afternoon doing nothing "productive" at once contradict and are at home with our busy American lives.

Patrick and family
Work in our viewing room by Andy Dixon, Ian Shults and Patrick Puckett
Works by Mallory Page, Ellen Heck, Stephanie Strange and Helmut Barnett
Work by Helmut Barnett and Mallory Page
Work by PA Jones, Jennye Stubblefield, Eliza Thomas and Karen Neyland
Works by Malcolm Bucknall
Works by Carol Dawson
Works by Anne Siems, Tracey Harris and Fatima Ronquillo
Works by Margie Crisp, Saliha Staib and Helmut Barnett
Work by Janel Jefferson and Gordon Fowler
Work by M. Karaus, B.Rohm, A. Cavanaugh, R. Shively, A. Renfro
Work by Amy Guidry, Nathan Madrid, Mary Fischer and Brian Lee
Work by K. Neyland, E. Thomas, A. Ashley, F. Roquillo, and A. Guidry
Work by Richard Ewen and Rodolfo Buonocore
Work by Katina Huston, America Martin and Shane Scribner
Work by Anne Siems and Fatima Ronquillo
Work by Margie Crisp
Work by M. Page, H. Barnett, S. Strange and S. Staib
Patrick Puckett

posted on 7/11/2013