111 Group Show: Rivers July 2011 | Wally Workman Gallery

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Group Show: Rivers July 2011

Thank you to all of our artists for such a wonderful show. The work created for "Rivers" is incredible. Everyone interpreted the theme with their own voices and it all came together harmoniously. During this hot, dry summer, this show refreshes our mind and soul. Thank you again! And thank you to all of you who came out to support these artists on a hot summer evening. The response has been overwhelming. (Thank you, Austin Chronicle!) So, if you haven't made it by this show, come on!

Janel Jefferson and her wonderful piece "Mother Oba"
Susan Kemner Reed, America Martin, Margie Crisp and Priscilla Robinson
Karen Neyland, Jill Carver, Ellen Heck and Eliza Thomas
Work by William B. Montgomery
Helmut Barnett, PA Jones, Jan Heaton and Seth Hudson
Saliha Staib and Tom Betts
Angela Fife, Sarah Feguson, Ian Shults and Scott Kiche
Work by Ryan Coover and Diana Atchetee
Work by Honora Jacob, Suzanne Lewis and Richard Ewen
Work by Janel Jefferson and Gordon Fowler
Dayna Thacker, Sarah Ferguson, Stephanie Strange and Ali Cavanaugh
America Martin and Margie Crisp
Work by Jennifer Balkan
Work by Ali Cavanaugh
Work by Priscilla Robinson
Work by Brian Lee
Work by Joyce Howell
Work by Richard Ewen
Work by Sara Scribner
Large opening crowd!

posted on 7/15/2011