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Ellen Heck June 2012

Wow. This show of Ellen's is breathtaking. Not only is she a skilled printmaker and painter, she also lends an intelligence that we rarely see in such a young artist. The three portfolios represented in this show have the depth and range of a master. The themes throughout speak to the art of printmaking and convey a relavance that is often missed in the contemporary art world. Bravo, Ellen.

San Francisco Color Wheels
Detail of "San Francisco Color Wheels"
Detail of "San Francisco Color Wheels"
Copper Plates
Work by Shane Scribner
Detail of work by Shane Scribner
Work by America Martin
Work by Sara Scribner
Work by Will Klemm
Work by Karen Neyland
Work by Helmut Barnett
Work by Sara Scribner
Work by Patrick Puckett
Work by Sarah Ferguson

posted on 6/7/2012