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August 2012 Group Show: 100 Degrees

And 100 degrees it was! August is not the best month in Austin but we still had a large crowd venture out into the heat to attend our group show opening. Many of our artists were in attendance, which is always a delight. We love when our artists get to know each other as well as clients. Lots of good synergy going on in here....

Work by Jennifer Balkan, Jane Radstrom and Angie Renfro
Amazing picture of Victoria Selbach's painting in the window.
Work by Priscilla Robinson and Ryan Coover
Rain by Priscilla Robinson
Nathan Madrid and his two oil portraits
Work by Sarah Ferguson
June Bug by Janel Jefferson
Work by Sara Scribner
Work by Tracey Harris and Margie Crisp
Fascinated by the detail in Amy Guidry's work.
Work by Will Klemm, Patrick Puckett and Brian Lee
Contemplating all the wonders.
Work by Scott Kiche and Holly Wilson

posted on 8/16/2012