America Martin

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<b>Folding Chair and Saxophone</b>, 2015<br>Oil, acrylic & pencil on Tokushima paper, 57x80, 65x90 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
*Folding Chair and Saxophone

<b>Music Down The Street</b>, 2015<br>Ink and pencil on paper, 10x14, 16x20 inches framed<br>$1500
*Music Down The Street

<b>Music Down The Street II</b>, 2015<br>Ink and pencil on paper, 10x14 inches<br><i>sold</i>
*Music Down The Street II

<b>Woman in Orange & Green</b>, 2015<br>Ink & Acrylic on Paper, 22x30, 28x36 inches framed<br>$2600
*Woman in Orange & Green

<b>At Dusk</b>, 2015<br>Oil & Acrylic on canvas, 24x105, 26x107 inches framed<br>$12500
*At Dusk

<b>Blue & Yellow</b><br>Pastel on paper, 30x22, 36x28 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
*Blue & Yellow

<b>Woman & Blue Daisy</b>, 2015<br>Ink on paper, 30x22, 36x28 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
*Woman & Blue Daisy

<b>Woman on Hill</b>, 2015<br>Ink on paper, 35x30 inches, 43x38 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
*Woman on Hill

<b>Spring</b>, 2015<br>Ink, acrylic & oil on paper, 34x41 inches, 40x47 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>

<b>Brass Trombone II</b>, 2015<br>Pencil and ink on Tokushima paper, 39x19, 44x25 inches framed<br>$3000
*Brass Trombone II

<b>Brass Trombone</b>, 2015<br>Pencil and ink on Tokushima paper, 39x20, 44x25 inches framed<br>$3000
*Brass Trombone

<b>Through the Night with Horse & Torch</b>, 2015<br>Oil and acrylic on canvas, 54x55, 56x57 inches framed<br>$14300
*Through the Night with Horse & Torch

<b>Woman In The Fruit Tree</b>, 2015<br>Acrylic and oil on canvas, 33x78 inches, 35x80 inches framed<br>$13000
*Woman In The Fruit Tree

<b>Woman with Fruit </b>, 2015<br>Acrylic and oil on canvas, 59x44 inches, 60x46 inches framed<br>$9500
*Woman with Fruit

<b>Round I</b>, 2015<br>Oil and acrylic on paper, 74x44, 80x50 inches framed<br>$8000
*Round I

<b>Sun & Wide Sea</b>, 2015<br>Ink and oil on cotton paper, 14x10, 20x16 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
*Sun & Wide Sea

<b>Woman In Blue & Gold</b>, 2015<br>Acrylic and oil on paper, 79x39 inches<br>$8000
*Woman In Blue & Gold

<b>Flowers & Shade</b>, 2015<br>Ink on paper, 6x6, 12x12 inches framed<br>$700
*Flowers & Shade

<b>Paisley Pillows</b>, 2015<br>Ink on paper, 22x18, 28x24 inches framed<br>$2000
*Paisley Pillows

<b>Story of the Humming Bird</b>, 2015<br>Ink on paper, 11x15, 17x21 inches framed<br>$1500
*Story of the Humming Bird

<b>Woman & Pillows</b>, 2015<br>Ink on paper, 22x18, 28x24 inches framed<br>$2000
*Woman & Pillows

<b>Woman and Cat</b>, 2015<br>Ink on paper, 6x13 inches<br><i>sold</i>
*Woman and Cat

<b>Woman in the Sun</b>, 2015<br>Ink on paper, 18x13 inches, 24x19 inches framed<br>$1500
*Woman in the Sun

<b>Gold Fish & Row Boat</b><br>Ink on paper, 24x16, 29x21 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
*Gold Fish & Row Boat

<b>Woman & The Swan Egg</b>, 2015<br>Acrylic & oil on paper, 22x30, 28x36 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
*Woman & The Swan Egg

<b>Rain Like Paper Planes</b>, 2013<br>Oil & Acrylic on canvas, 56x34 inches<br>$8900
*Rain Like Paper Planes

<b>Horns & Shadows</b>, 2013<br>Oil & Acrylic on canvas, 34x57 inches<br>$9000
*Horns & Shadows

<b>Camping Under Stars</b>, 2013<br>Oil & Acrylic on canvas, 35x71 inches<br>$11100
*Camping Under Stars

<b>Barton Springs</b>, 2013<br>Oil & Acrylic on canvas, 73x33 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Barton Springs

<b>Cloud Woman</b>, 2013<br>Oil & Acrylic on canvas, 24x72 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Cloud Woman

<b>High Hat</b>, 2013<br>Oil & Acrylic on canvas, 37x62 inches <br><i>sold</i>
High Hat

<b>Blue Chair and Lunch Fruit</b>, 2014<br>Ink on paper, 55x40, 45x60 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
Blue Chair and Lunch Fruit

<b>Gathering Fruit II</b>, 2013<br>Pencil & Ink on paper, 10x30 inches<br>$1400
Gathering Fruit II

<b>Gathering Seashells</b>, 2013<br>Ink on paper, 15x11 inches<br>$1200
Gathering Seashells

<b>Woman & Parakeet </b>, 2013<br>Ink on paper, 8x6 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Woman & Parakeet

<b>Woman & Songbird</b>, 2013<br>Ink on paper, 8x6 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Woman & Songbird

<b>Woman in Gray & Black</b>, 2013<br>Ink on paper, 12x8 inches<br>$1000
Woman in Gray & Black

<b>Woman in White & Gray</b>, 2013<br>Pencil & Ink on paper, 11x8 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Woman in White & Gray

<b>Sweet Rest at Days End</b>, 2013<br>Ink on paper, 6x4 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Sweet Rest at Days End

<b>Sculpture</b>, 2012<br>Corten Steel, 7 feet tall<br>$28000

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AMERICA MARTIN is a Colombian-American fine artist based in Los Angeles and a rising star in the contemporary art world whose works have been shown in museum and solo and group exhibitions nationwide. America describes herself as a painting anthropologist, working primarily with paint on canvas and paper to explore the human experience – and the human form.

America Martin finds inspiration everywhere, but it is not by happenstance or easily won. Like a true virtuoso, she searches relentlessly – sketchbook in hand and camera around neck – often among “voiceless” people whom many consider insignificant; Martin disagrees. Instead, she finds in them truth, vitality and beauty so devastating that she is compelled to transpose it into effigy profound enough to break your heart. That is the essence of Martin’s vision, and through her eyes life is not only sublime, but it finally makes gorgeous, perfect sense.

Taking inspiration from Mid-Century Modernist masters, America’s distinctive style is underscored by the use of boldly brushed lines and punctuated bursts of color to imply tone and mood. She treats her subjects with an obvious reverence, and in a manner that captures their individuality and their dignity.

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