Bob Rohm

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<b>Afternoon Marsh</b>, 2017<br>Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48 inches<br>$8500
Afternoon Marsh

<b>Moon Rise</b>, 2017<br>Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48 inches<br>$8500
Moon Rise

<b>Cow Creek Afternoon</b><br>Oil on panel, 18x14 inches<br>$1900
Cow Creek Afternoon

<b>Johnson Barn</b>, 2016<br>Monoprint, 12x16 inches<br>$1700
Johnson Barn

<b>Old Fort Barn</b>, 2016<br>Monoprint, 16x20 inches<br>$2400
Old Fort Barn

<b>Homestead Barn</b>, 2016<br>Monoprint on panel, 12x12 inches<br>$1200
Homestead Barn

<b>The Old Corral</b>, 2016<br>Oil on canvas, 24x20 inches<br>$3400
The Old Corral

<b>Old Fort Barn II</b>, 2016<br>Monoprint on panel, 16x20 inches<br>$2400
Old Fort Barn II

<b>Desert Palms</b>, 2015<br>Oil on panel, 18x12 inches<br>$1900
Desert Palms

<b>Spring Oak</b>, 2014<br>Oil on canvas, 24x30 inches<br>$4200
Spring Oak

<b>Marsh</b>, 2013<br>Oil, 16x20 inches<br>$2400

<b>Lazy Day</b>, 2013<br>Oil,  18x24 inches<br>$3000
Lazy Day

<b>Aspen and Oaks</b>, 2013<br>Oil, 24x18 inches<br>$3000
Aspen and Oaks

<b>Spring Color</b>, 2012<br>Oil on panel, 16x20 inches<br>$2400
Spring Color

<b>The Parade</b>, 2012<br>Oil on panel, 24x30 inches<br>$4200
The Parade

<b>Evening Tree Line</b>, 2011<br>Oil on canvas, 24x36 image, 34x46 inches framed<br>$4600
Evening Tree Line

<b>Moon Glow</b>, 2011<br>Oil on panel, 20x16 inches<br>$2400
Moon Glow

<b>Summer Reflections</b>, 2011<br>Oil on canvas, 30x40 image, 40x50 framed<br><i>sold</i>
Summer Reflections

<b>Wash</b>, 2013<br>Oil, 16x20 inches<br><i>sold</i>

<b>Hill Country Spring</b>, 2013<br>Oil on canvas, 48x72 inches, 53x77 inches framed<br><i>sold</i>
Hill Country Spring

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Bob has been painting most of his life, and received classical art training at the York Academy of Arts in Pennsylvania. Now a resident of Texas, his paintings reflect the brilliance of the colors found in the clear, bright light of the southwest.

Bob juries shows, teaches workshops, lectures and demonstrates in oil and pastel mediums. Known for his ability to capture the poetry of light, he has received many awards and is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, Oil Painters of America and the Outdoor Painters Society.  He is the author of the book THE PAINTERLY APPROACH and has been featured in many publications including Southwest Art, American Artist, The Artist’s Magazine, The Pastel Journal, International Artist and Pure Color.

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