Anne Ashley

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<b>Elegant Weapon</b><br>, 8ft x 5in x 1.5in<br>$2500
Elegant Weapon

<b>Fluorescent Constructions I, II, III</b>, 2009<br>Fluorescent cast acrylic, electric fixtures, blacklight, 48x16x9 inches each<br>$5800
Fluorescent Constructions I, II, III

<b>Flourescent Construction (Detail)</b><br>Fluorescent cast acrylic, electric fixtures, blacklight, 48x16x9 inches<br>$5800
Flourescent Construction (Detail)

<b>Come to Me</b>, 2011<br>Acrylic, vintage neon and electrical parts, 44x12x15<br>$5100
Come to Me

<b>Doubt/Regret</b>, 2011<br>Vintage neon, acrylic and electrical parts, <br>$3200

<b>Punish the Lovers</b><br>Acrylic, neon and electrical parts, 32x32x5 inches<br>$4000
Punish the Lovers

<b>Your own personal shrine</b>, 2009<br>Cast acrylic, electrical components, and found objects, 30x30x16 inches<br>$3900
Your own personal shrine

<b>Absolute Abstractions</b>, 2009<br>Fluorescent cast acrylic, electric fixtures, rare luminous tube, 48x6x7 inches each<br>$3800
Absolute Abstractions

<b>A Thousand x No!</b>, 2009<br>Cast acrylic, mirror, luminous tube, electrical components, 17x17x36 inches<br>$3000
A Thousand x No!

<b>Glow in the Dark</b>, 2009<br>Fluorescent cast acrylic, luminous tube, electrical components, blacklight, 34x6x4 inches<br>$1700
Glow in the Dark

Anne Ashley sculptures utilize cast acrylic in many rich opaque, translucent and transparent colors including fluorescents. From conception to installation, she builds light-based constructions ranging from wall pieces to functional furniture.  She is interested in the display of all sources of illumination including luminous tube and blacklight. 

Defining space with light, finding order in intricate geometric construction and discovering the design potential of transparency, all motivate her work. 

Her tall sculptures evoke a minimalist sense of presence while her message and action pieces deliver statements concisely.  

Her work appears in many corporate and private collections across the country.

Anne Ashley