Mary Beth Karaus

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<b>Oh Honey</b>, 2017<br>Oil on canvas, 60x48 inches<br>$12000
Oh Honey

<b>Lush Life</b>, 2017<br>Oil on canvas, 48x24 inches<br>$6500
Lush Life

<b>Citrus Sensation</b>, 2017<br>Oil on canvas, 24x36 inches<br>$5000
Citrus Sensation

<b>Delicate Petals </b>, 2016<br>Oil on canvas, 30x24 inches<br>$3000
Delicate Petals

<b>Watermelon and Flo Blue</b>, 2016<br>Oil on canvas, 20x24 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Watermelon and Flo Blue

<b>Lovely in Yellow</b>, 2016<br>Oil on canvas, 18x24 inches<br>$2800
Lovely in Yellow

<b>Sweet Summer's End</b>, 2015<br>Oil on canvas, 20x16 inches<br>$2500
Sweet Summer's End

<b>Into the Cool Greens</b>, 2014<br>Oil on canvas, 18x24 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Into the Cool Greens

<b>Oranges and Purple Artichokes</b>, 2008<br>Oil, 12 x 16 image, 18 x 22 framed size<br>$950
Oranges and Purple Artichokes

<b>Citrus Delicious</b><br>Oil on canvas, 30x24 inches<br><i>sold</i>
Citrus Delicious

Karaus is a graduate of the respected DAAP program of the University of Cincinnati, but her artistic training began years before any formal study. As the daughter of a passionate artist, she was raised with an intrinsic appreciation and understanding of art. A devotee to plein air school of artistic thinking, Karaus first began her career as an artist in watercolors, a form she was drawn to from the teachings of Robert James Foose of the University of Kentucky.

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